Rhythm Energy’s 6 Favorite EV Websites

ev websites

EVs aren’t just cars—they are the beginning of a new era of transportation, one that could save our planet from the harm caused by gas and diesel vehicles. By reducing the number of fossil fuel-powered vehicles on the road, evs not only help reduce climate change risks but also cut emissions that contaminate our air and cause tens of thousands of premature deaths each year in the US. And with EVs becoming more affordable and gaining more mainstream appeal, many people are starting to jump on the bandwagon.

With the ev websites industry constantly changing and developing, it can be difficult to keep up with all the news. Rhythm Energy has compiled 6 of the best ev websites to help you stay in the know.

EV Cara: Your Guide to Electric Vehicle Choices

Known for its in-depth car reviews and company news, CleanTechnica has an entire section of the website dedicated to EVs and their impact on green technology. While the site covers all things clean tech, EVs get their own spotlight in articles about market trends, significant legislation, and technological developments for both charging infrastructure and batteries.


With a clean aesthetic and an easy-to-navigate layout, the content on this site is both informative and appealing. Readers can easily search by a specific car manufacturer or body style to stay up to date on hot topics and upcoming releases for their preferred models. Electrek also provides a list of top-rated electric vehicles, helping readers choose the right car for them.